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                            Heavy Duty Welding Column&Boom Manipulators

                            1. Introduction


                            Welding column&Boom Manipulators of Guoheng stands out not only for innovation in design and quality of manufacture, but also for reliability and robustness. It can realize automatic welding incorporate with SAW, MAG and TIG welding systems, and extensively applied in pressure vessel, metallurgy, power, chemical industry, wind tower, piping system and others lines.

                            According to boom end load capacity, it is divided into light duty (LHQ), medium duty (LHZ), heavy duty (LHW) and ultra heavy duty (HCJ).

                            Below are the main parameters of our heavy duty welding column&boom manipulator. We also provide tailor-made welding column&boom manipulators according to your special requirements.


                            2. Main Parameters





                            Column stroke mm



                            Boom stroke mm



                            Boom lift speed mm/min


                            Boom travel speed mm/min

                            120—1200 (VFD)

                            Max boom end load KG


                            Boom travel transmission

                            Gear and rack couple

                            Boom lift transmission

                            Chain and sprocket couple

                            Motorized slider unit mm

                            UP and DOWN range


                            LEFT and RIGHT range


                            Min distance between boom lower surface and rail surface

                            1180 (moving and rotation)

                            1170 (stationary and rotation)

                            Column rotation



                            Speed rpm

                            0.36rpm or by manual

                            Boogie travel speed mm/min


                            Boogie inner rail span mm


                            Power supply

                            380V 50HZ 3P or tailor made

                            Above are our standard models and parameters, and it can be designed and manufactured on request.

                                      *We reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.


                            3. Main features

                            The standard models of our welding column&boom manipulators have the following features:

                            *  Robust all steel fabrication;

                            *  ±180° degree column rotation with double brake system (motor brake and manual locking) at any position;

                            *  Variable speed boom controlled by inverter;

                            *  Boom elevation through geared motor rack and pinion drive with brake;

                            *  Elevation and traverse drive mounted on saddle providing for easy access servicing and maintenance;

                            *  Machines fully counter balanced by column internal weight, connected to the saddle by heavy duty chain;

                            *  Anti-fall device offers safety feature;

                            *  Extra wide rollers and unique slideways ensure minimum deflection traversing;

                            *  Innovative machined “rectangle” ways to column ensure that the boom saddle moves smoothly with no vibration. This reduces wear and tear.

                            *  Motorized cross slider unit to ease the welding head adjustment;

                            *  There is safe ladder behind the column for maintenance of equipment;

                            *  Limit switch for both boom travel and lift;

                            *  Sand blasting treatment to main welding parts before painting;

                            *  All motion parts have lubrication system;

                            *  Main electric elements are ABB/Siemens brands;

                            *  Hand pendant;

                            *  Lifting lug on top of column;

                            *  Standard color:


                            Optional features:

                            *  Welding system: American Lincoln DC-1000, NA-3S or Chinese brand or on request;

                            *  Flux feeding and recovery system;

                            *  Interface for integral control with welding roller beds or welding positioners to form automatic welding center;



                            4. Supply range

                            *  Welding column&boom manipulator                                                                    1set

                            *  Electric control system (including 1piece of electric control cabinet, 1piece of remote control box with cable 12m)                                                                                                          1set

                            *  Technical documents (with manual book, conformity certificate, packing list, etc)     1set


                            5. Reference drawing


                            6. Reference photo




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