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                            Self Aligning Rotator with PU Rollers 40T

                            Quick Detail



                            • 40T self - aligning rotator with PU rollers;
                            • Steplessly controllable rotary drives by means of A.C. motor drive via self-locking worm gear reducers;
                            • Schneider or Panasonic inverter to realize VFD speed control and synchronous rotation of rollers;
                            • Quick connections joints, easy electric connections;
                            • Roller distance is self-aligned and roller surrounding angle among 45°~110°;
                            • Hand pendant with Forward-Stop-Reverse and speed potentiometer are standard;
                            • All motion parts have lubrication system;


                            1. Main Parameters


                            Item Parameters
                            Model HGZ40
                            Rated load (T) 40
                            Load when more than D3 (T) 40
                            D3 (mm) 1388
                            Load when less than D3 (T) 30
                            Suitable work-piece d mm 600
                            D mm 4200
                            Roller Dia. and Width PU roller D1 400
                            W3 120
                            Metallic roller D2 394
                            W4 40
                            Linear speed (m/h) 6-60
                            Way of speed control VFD
                            Motor power (kW) 3
                            Roller distance (mm) A 1600
                            Power supply 440V 60HZ 3P
                            2. Introduction

                            The series turning rolls are a unique self-aligning roller. When loading your work piece into the rolls, four self-aligning wheels automatically move into the position that provides the best support for the work piece. The self-aligning rollers which maintain a constant centerline, can rotate work pieces with diameters as small as 600mm up to 4200mm and weights ranging from 5 ton 200 metric tons.


                            The PU/rubber-tired rollers use a steel support ring in combination with the rubber to support the load. This design protects the PU/rubber from overloading and decreases the overall roller width.


                            Powering this unit is adjustable frequency AC Drive and one (1) inverter duty AC motor.






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